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Will AR 15 Rifles Be Banned?


Guys, I am super tired of the bullshit that is going on on social media platforms, nowadays. It is tiring and I honestly though we’d already put an end to this gun banning argument in the United States. Platforms like Facebook are filled with democrats and people with political views that don’t even understand what they are, repeating themselves after other idiots like little parrots. These people are all impossible to talk to. I came here to get your opinions on a few things. Do you guys think that AR 15 rifles will be banned in the future? What are your thoughts on this gigantic political agenda?


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They might banned like a shape of part but I don't think they will ban AR15's, there is no good reason why they should.


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They’ve been trying to ban the AR15 for so long, no one if going to be able to ban anything anytime soon. People together are more powerful than people in power.