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Will AR 15 Kill a Deer?


I am not a hunter or a shooter. But I am thinking about getting into hunting. Been watching a lot of YouTube videos and actually taking part in some good online hunting forum communities. I think hunting is awesome and it’s definitely one of my hobbies that I have to experience more, the more I do it. As far as hunting rifles out there, and all the methods that go with that, I would like to know if an AR 15 can kill a deer? Is this a good choice of hunting rifle? Have you guys hunted deer with an AR before? What do you guys suggest for a first time hunter?


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If you shoot anything and hit the right spot will kill something. To answer your question, yes AR15 can kill a deer. Is it a good choice of a hunting rifle? Maybe but remember when you take the animal down, on point and painless.


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.308 blackout will kill a deer but you can kill a deer with AR15 too you just gotta know where you aiming at.