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Why You Should Hunt with an AR 15?


Recent studies by the National Shooting Sports Foundation show that 27% of hunters have used the AR-15 platform to pursue game at some point in their careers. From that number, 48% reported having used the rifle within the last five years, which is a strong indicator of healthy growth within this platform’s particular silo.

Of the respondees who confirmed using AR-15s for hunting, roughly 60% also stated that they had used these rifles to hunt large game, specifically.

Today, I’ll be putting this rifle’s popularity under the microscope, bringing you five real-life benefits of hunting with the AR-15 platform. You’ll learn why this is quickly becoming the preferred gun for those looking for light weight and high performance, so you can take the plunge and commit to the AR-15 this hunting season.

Why Is It So Popular?

The AR-15’s popularity has seen some impressive growth in recent years, and many people consider it to be at the top of its game right now. More people own AR style rifles today than ever in the history of the rifle.

This can be partly attributed to the rifle’s semi-automatic design, making it a convenient, effective weapon in most situations. Moreover, the affordability of plinking ammo gives this weapon a decisive edge over the competition.

The upward trend of this rifle’s popularity among hunters began between 2000 and 2005, with serious hunters across the country beginning to experiment with AR-15 cartridges. In response to this growth, new, commercially available cartridges started to appear across the market. As a result of all these factors, we now see the AR-15 rifle in heavy hunting rotation across all different species of North American game and on hundreds of different hunting trips every year.

A More Compact Product

One of the most popular features of the AR-15 rifle is its inherently compact design. For a hunting rifle, it’s easier to carry, quicker to lift, and more intuitive to keep under control during firing. With its front carry system in place, quick first moves are the name of the game out on the hunt. When you spot game, you can go from walking, hands-free, to rifle in-hand extremely quickly.

Its vertical grip and extra-convenient magazine come together in a perfectly ergonomic fit for each shooter, particularly younger shooters. For taller hunters, the vertical grip affords you extra room to reach further along the free-floating handguard for improved comfort. With the fairly common front-carry sling system, hunters can walk for extended distances without damaging the rifle.

The detachable magazine furthers this weapon’s compact agenda, making loading safer and, more importantly, simpler. Slot the magazine in, shut the bolt, and you’re done. And it’s effective in the opposite direction, as well. Just drop in the magazine, cycle the bolt and you’re done.

Semi-Auto Functionality

With its semi-auto features at play, the AR-15 is extremely useful to serious hunters, keeping their hands ready and in the firing position between shots. This is also safer, especially when engaging multiple targets, such as a group of animals or firing a second shot to secure a target.

Unlike with a standard bolt-action rifle, where the rifle has to be released, there is no finding the bolt, cycling it and returning to your trigger before you can fire a second shot, here. Gas operating systems make for a smoother shot with much lower recoil. Not only that, but it also allows shooters to keep their eye on the target in their scope without having to stop to pull back the bolt.

A Useful Familiarity

One of the best things you can do with any new piece of technology is to give it properties that are the same as the tech that came before it. When a weapon is similar to popular home defense and hunting rifles, as the AR-15 is, it becomes a much more natural choice for hunters and enthusiasts, alike.

First time buyers, as well, are making their purchases based around their home defense needs, and a firearm that they can use intuitively is valuable. That split-second timing in a home defense situation can mean the difference between life and death. Naturally transitioning between a defensive to a hunting AR-15 means less time thinking about what you’re doing and just being able to “go for it”. For owners of multiple AR’s, defensive rifles maintain their integrity throughout the firearm’s lifespan.

A Question Of Personal Preference

Ultimately, any firearm purchase boils down to your own tastes as a hunter or collector. What makes you feel confident when using the weapon? What looks good to you? As enthusiasts, we all have our opinions, and it’s important to get the product we want if we’re going to have it for its full lifetime.

AR hunters have their preferences, and these will not, typically, align with a home defense buyer. What’s great about the time we live in is that there are models for both buyers. It’s just a matter of getting out there and finding what’s right for you.

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