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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

Why do you carry?


"I carry because I have a family to protect when we are together, and a family to return to when I am on my own. Carrying gives me peace of mind knowing that I will be protected if I need to defend what matters the most to me."

I would like to hear your story, why do you carry?

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Protecting the lives of the people you love is all the reason you need to embrace your God-given right to self-defense, but your lifestyle is worth protection, too.

So I think that many people are not educated and actually don't know few more things like:

What can you lose if you’re arrested, jailed or sued, just for defending yourself?

  1. Your home
  2. Your vehicles
  3. Your job
  4. Your life savings
  5. Your child’s college fund

Basically, everything you’ve worked for could be at the mercy of a justice system that isn’t always just.

Anyhow, I do carry with defense in my mind, many things can happen, you could be robbed, wrong place at the wrong time, someone threatening a family or loved ones. There is so many more great reasons but I do consider knowing the laws and having a attorney to have my back if ever needed.


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I carry because I support the 2nd amendment, which allows me to not only look over my shoulders with defense but also to protect my loved ones.


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I carry because I don’t trust the government to protect my life.

My life, my will, my choice.