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Who sold American guns to Taliban?


There has been many private gun dealers throughout the last decade selling their guns internationally. Just like the movie Lord of War played by famous actor Nicolas Cage. They did a great job showing what goes down in the business of gun dealing over the seas. If you didn't know in-fact this movie is based on true story and you can find a actual documentary that supports the plot of this movie. Not only this movie but something that came out few years after, another great GUN DEALER based movie: War Dogs played by Miles Teller and Johan Hill also shows how things get done OFF THE BOOKS out there.

What I find interesting is that all over the news media channels we find these Taliban guys who are heavily being marketed by the International news holding our AR15 rifles, Vests, Ballistic Hamlets and clothing. These sand monkeys even have our fucking handguns. I am just trying to figure out, who the fuck sold them those guns?

I know news said: Taliban Seized US Weapons in Afghanistan news also said: Many military outposts have been surrendered without a fight, allowing the Taliban to seize weapons, according to multiple Afghan military and government sources.

Then you had couple of military guys posted some videos on Instagram and TikTok which was obviously taken down due to the violation of community guidelines. They said that they were commanded to leave weapons because they were being taken out of the country. This is a common practice when U.S. military leaves the war. They leave behind the guns because it is more expensive to bring it back then it is to leave them there. But once guns are left there the International arms dealers come down to buy those guns in cash. Then those guns are sold to different countries and different groups of people.

About 15 billionaires and six corporations own most of the U.S. media outlets. This is why when there is a big topic the entire nation is debating about you have all major news media outlets cover the similar headlines to persuade us.

For example, let's say if Biden did support the Tilaban having the U.S. guns. He couldn't do that publicly, that would piss off many Americans. But if he did and was involved how would you keep everyone mind-washed?

News on most credible U.S. media outlets would cover something like this:

I am definitely not trying to be a conspiracy theory guy here but I have a good feeling someone from United States sold the Taliban the guns. And with use of politician friends and infrastructure in place now those fucks have our shit.

I don't even know what to think. You have have any thoughts on this?
Do you think Biden was behind this? Do you think it was one of those MONEY HUNGRY war profiteers? I'd like to hear what conclusion we can come up on this TOPIC


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What's get me is that the government we live in trying like hell to take our rights away and impose a the gun laws they can, then they leave fully automatic weapons to a bunch of assholes.