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Which Handguard For AR15?


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I am super confused by handguards in one specific way: which handguard goes with an AR15? I know there are handguards, but there are also different types of handguards. So I am just trying to get this through my squirrel brain. Please tell me some info about AR handguards. Everything I need to know, basically and, also, will it be a good bonus, plus, if you guys can tell me who sells the best handguards.


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Handguards are handguards. They guard the hand from the heat of the barrel. If you have one that does that then you have a good one. If you have one that can mount attachments you have a better one.


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I mean its pretty self explanatory. However there are M Lok Keymod and Quad rails. Both keymod and quad rails use picatinny rails to mount attachments, but you have to get attachments specially made for the M Lok