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Which AR 15 Pistol Should I Buy?


I don’t know if you guys have AR pistols but, from what I see from the Reddit communities and from some gun YouTube influencers, it looks like the AR 15 is pretty badass. It’s much smaller and more practical, which sounds good, but I have not experienced this myself, so what I know is not true or verified, from my experience. What do you guys think of AR pistols?


The AR15 pistol is alright, I would t say it’s the best but it will get you through things. My advice to you is that experiment everything yourself. It’s one thing someone telling you something but everyone thinks differently, everyone has their own unique definition of what is good and what is not good. So buy it, build it, take it out on the range and shoot it. Only then you will know if that’s what’s best for you.


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Are you planning to build one or get one thats already built? Personally have multiple AR15 pistols, i built them all my self in different styles, and barrel sizes.


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I think you should get one that is actually good. Buy from a trusted dealer. pistols are doomed to fail a lot sooner than rifles because the barrels arent actually meant to be that small on the platform. So if you get a more expensive one, you will be able to warranty the f*** out of it when it dies.