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Which AR 15 Are Legal In Maryland?


I wasn’t really into guns before recently. I was actually against them for no real reason. I guess I bought into the hype I saw on the news, which was incorrect. One day, one of my buddies came up to me and convinced me to go out onto the gun range. He educated me about guns and we ended up having so much fun at the range, to the point where I became a member of the range community. It is true that I haven’t been going there too much, due to how busy I am at my work and life in general but I have thought about getting an AR 15 for myself. I currently live in the state of Florida and am thinking about moving to Maryland, sometime in a year from now. I am not really familiar with the laws there. Is it legal to have an AR 15 in Maryland? Can someone link me to the official page where the Maryland rifle laws are stated?


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The best thing you can do is to do a quick online research. Find sources that are official government websites. Sometimes some ASS heads write some BS online and it somehow makes it over the first page of search results to trick us.

This is a credible source you can check out and read.