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Where do you guys buy your sights?


I have a lot of friends who are budget builders and will stand by ther Wish bought sights. They love their cheaper alternativ, usually knock off brand optics. Trijicon and Vortex, and what not. My question is, where do you guys prefer to buy your sights and why?


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Normally stores that sell parts have the sights as well but strictly for sights I am not sure which company is the best source.


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Well currently, local gun stores are getting overwhelmed. However, even online consumerism is stifled because of the sheer amount of purchases being made. Its hard to find a decent lead time anywhere, but I would say searching online is your best bet to getting the optic you want.


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If he's a budget builder wish.com has a perfect rip off of a Trijicon red dot and ACOG sights, it's pretty reliable and its build quality for the price which is $38-$80