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What's going on with ATF on Pistol Braces?


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If it was just a brace then they probably would’ve just suggested taking the brace off. From my understanding some of the pistols might have went out with rifle lowers by mistake.


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The ATF is doing tyrant crap again. Somehow they still exist and people still think they can just arbitrarily make decisions concerning gun ownership.

Assault Machine

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I love how everyone's complaining how unconstitutional it is but no one actually wants to do anything about it, just saying.

Good American

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The ruling on the bump stock was wrong. Its within the law. I don't see why anyone would want that pos on their gun in the first place. As far a the pistol brace BS id guess in the next few wonts it wont matter what you got.


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So about a month ago the ATF said the Honey Badger pistol from Q is an SBR. They never gave a reason just that they believe it is.
Now as for with pistol braces currently its legal to shoulder them and have them on a pistol and all that, but the ATF may decide to change that in the future as they have not made a final ruling on them. What's been happening basically ever since the Bumpstock ban is the ATF has been given the go ahead to declare/redefine whatever they want as x thing instead, which has lead to several firearms being deemed as SBSs, some shotguns getting banned because the name is used by a full auto version so therefore its a full auto, changing the definition of a firearm, the Bumpstock being declared as a machine gun, etc.

Frankie J

actually its all cleared up for the most Part, the whole uproar was for one company "Q" they marketed in videos the Honey Badger with a brace being shown shouldered so the ATF said they sold the guns designed to be shouldered making the pistol into a SBR due the shoulder of the stock. that's all. Braces are still good to go.