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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

What's easier: BUILDING or DESTROYING?


The answer to that shouldn't be hard to figure out.

Building a house takes time, work ethic, planning, and protecting it once it's built. The average house takes months to build & lots of skill sets.

Destroying a house can be done from one bad storm, or 3 guys with a sledgehammer, or 1 guy in a bulldozer in a matter of hours. Not hard at all. Anyone can do it.

These two pictures accurately represent capitalists (on top) .... As compared to socialist-communists (on the bottom).

I promise you it is waaaaaaay easier to be socialist-Communist. I mean just listen to how that sounds:

  • If anything bad happens in your life, it's always someone else's fault. So blame them.
  • Someone ELSE should make the money and they should give you some of it just because you both share this planet earth. Take from others.
  • The government will take care of you in every aspect of your life because you can't do it yourself.
  • Freedom means danger. (So we need to destroy the Constitution, core family, Christian religion, and all incentives & rewards that come with work ethic, chasing dreams, and being a law-abiding citizen. )
Damn, that sounds so easy. If I were a socialist-Communist, I guarantee I would win if I ran in politics. All I would need to do is promise people things that I could not deliver on. And all I would have to do is tear down rather than build up.

So easy

But I'm a capitalist. I believe in Building, creating, designing, pursuing, and protecting value. I don't believe in giving up... Ever.

It takes way longer, requires alot more skills, and is alot harder. That's why I love

You see, the riches in life are always where it gets hard. That's the only way to make it to the top. In anything.

To tell you the truth, there will #always be socialist-communists.

And here's why:

Lazy people will always NEED a reason why you can keep building a dream life (with a smile on your face).....AND THEY CAN'T.
Now let's get back to work. Us capitalists have lots of work to do
. Thank God.

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