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Useful Resources When It Comes to AR Related Topics


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After searching for months, I've decided to put together a thread dedicated to sharing most useful resources when it comes to AR related topics.

Two more of these "how it works" videos on the AR, these are even more detailed than the last one. It is a two part video.



I don't think I've seen a better example of these kinds of cut-away AR operation videos.

So you just purchased your first AR-15.... Now WHAT?

This is a great drills guys....

I can't tell you how useful this video and how often I've used it to help guys get their AR rifles zeroed. From personal experience, please let me assure you:

  1. We always overthink this when we are first starting out. We obsess over the grain weight of the bullet, etc etc. Most folks are more concerned about what the MOA is at 100 yards off a stable bench rest than what the effective grouping are during move and shoot drills. That is unwise.
  2. The typical out-of-the box value AR with irons or a 1x red dot is NOT a precision rifle. Nor is any mil-spec AR out of the box. They *can* be extremely accurate and sub-MOA, but you have to work on them to get them there.
  3. The AR was designed to put rounds into an *effective* group to "stop a threat." Period. That means 2MOA or less is good enough at any kind of realistic distance anyone in the civilian community is going to be using an AR.
  4. The 36 yard zero makes using an AR for practical purposes a no-brainer.
  5. Put sight or red dot on center mass, press trigger, score center mass hits.
Watch this video please.

Advanced AR training drills...

Transition drill...and the check drill...

How to prevent at least 50% of the problems you will have with the AR....

AR shooting drill.....(trust me, get knee pads)....

"Switch shoulder drill" ... This drill kicks my posterior every time...it's something you have to train with intensively. You want to kick it up a notch? Do it in a variety of shooting positions. You will NOT get to choose from what angle you are going to need to shoot. You must be able to switch from side to side.

If you have been blessed to be a part of a professional training facility, as I have, you have the opportunity to learn from a variety of professional combat veterans from various branches of our military and specifically special forces. I've learned so much it's amazing.

I've found videos online that support what my instructional cadre has taught us...so...here are some links to videos from guys who have been there and done that with their advice on how to set up their fighting AR. The first video is, in my opinion, the best one, but the rest are also, of course, excellent:

Shooting drills....

What happens when it clicks and there is no bang! Malfunction training.....#1? OPERATOR ERROR ... but .... here's how to handle the others.

Magazine changes....

Functional shooting positions with the AR...

Why you should put your carbine on safe during mag changes...

Ballistics & Basic Rifle Marksmanship...

Reading the target....with the one, the only, Pat McNamara...

I'm a big fan of Geissele triggers. Here's a helpful video on how to install them. Trust me on this: If I can do this, anyone can. Seriously.

Good basic information for folks new to the AR-15 from Lucky Gunner.

Some interesting suggestions here...

How to get an AR on a budget. What does "budget" mean here? If you are trying to mitigate expenses.


If you are not familiar with Chris Bartocci, he is a well known industry expert on the AR. He is the author of the masterful book "Black Rifle: Volume 2." Here is his video on how he cleans his ARs, well worth a watch for a well explained and well reasoned walk through a thorough AR.