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TRUGLO Reviews



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I bought scope from TRUGLO for my AR and AK. I’ve had them on my rifles for about 8 months now. Excellent product, I think they are reasonable with their pricing and shipping time is standard.


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I’ve been doing some research online to find some good scope for my rifle. When I saw couple of videos on social media revising this company, I decided to give them a try.

I couldn’t be pleased with my product. Great value for the money. I would recommend this company. Definitely top notch product.


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I placed an order few days ago with TRUGLO. The shipping was pretty fast. I ordered 4x32 COMPACT SCOPE. You can see the photo below.


Excellent quality, the lenses are fully coated and the scope provides detailed clarity. The eye guard material is rubber. I tried to scratch it and it’s scratch resistant just described. The scope itself is non reflective and it has matte finish on it. Which feels awesome and looks great.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I got the clarity I wanted and function for the price. I vouch!


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All I have to say about this company is this: Shit website. Terrible user experience. But quality scopes. Great prices and good customer support.


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I have couples of scopes I got from TRUGLO. All i have to say is that they are a good reliable and affordable company. They do offer exceptional customer service as well as decent delivery times.


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I am not sure about other people’s experiences but I for sure had a great one. TruGlo is definitely a reputable company with years of rep behind them. Almost all my builds have something different from TRUGLO.

what you see on my post here is the picture of my newly placed order.

If you never bought from them or don’t really shop optics. You can except a great customer service, fast shipping and quality products. They do back their quality with warranty which is a great assurance.