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Thunder Tactical Reviews


New member
First I bought from this company back in 2017. I gotta great deal on the rifle kit. I just recently bought a pistol kit from them. Products are high quality and I haven’t had any problems so far.


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I ordered a cerakote tiffany blue pistol kit for my wife. My order was placed in September 7th of 2020. I got my package at October 8th of 2020. I can't say I had a bad experience because ordering process was smooth, customer service was helpful and product was good quality but holy cow. Shit took forever to get to my house. Will I order from this company again? Yes but not until they get their shipping down to at least 1 week timeframe.

Frankie J

i have allot of the parts and kits from them, i get allot of parts from them out to custom gun builder friends of mine across the US. top quality products, if you cant find what you need from Thunder Tactical chances are no one has it. they are the Big Dogs when it comes to AR parts, so much so the big names you know go to thunder tactical get get the parts they need and use everyday.


New member
I’ve been buying from Thunder Tactical since 2018. They had a different site design back then. They’ve upgraded it to much nicer and better with way more selections of products. I’ve bought their AR15 rifles kits, pistol kits and .300 Blackout rifle kits. Absolutely high quality, and product durability is there for sure. I had some technical questions, customer service connected me to their most qualified experts to explain couple things I didn’t understand. Which I was very happy about. Their customer support is always sharp and on point. I am looking forward to buying more exciting products from Thunder Tactical in near future again.