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New member
I bought a AR-15 Rifle kit from Thunder Guns.
The shipping took some time but my product arrived. The quality is definitely there. Shipping time definitely needs to be improved.

Ian Alderson

New member
For this Christmas I decided to buy my wife something of her favorite color. She loves Tiffany Blue. So I commented on one of the AR groups on Facebook asking where I could possibly buy this color 9mm rifle kit. Couple of users suggested Thunder Guns and linked me to the product.

Albert Belgrade

New member
I am not trying to be an asshole or anything but there is something wrong with these guys when it comes to shipping shit. I ordered 5 pack 80% lowers from them and while I was waiting for the package to arrive, I think I managed to become a professional neighborhood watch. I would wait for the post man everyday and about 17 days later my package arrived. Just like some other reviews I've read on here and on social media. It's not that Thunder Guns has a quality problem. Their products are good. It's just their shipping department is cursed or possessed by something. I really don't know. Although I am willing to order from here again but under one condition, if they nerf down the shipping time to 10 days. I can have patience that long lol


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I’ve bought couple of products from Thunder Tactical which is their main website. I recently saw their new website popping up on Google so decided to place an order. I got what I ordered. I will recommend to shop here.

Victor Gabriel

New member
I just found out that Thunder Guns is located in my town. I went down to their store, not really a store more of a fulfillment type of center and picked up couple of things from there. Very nice guys working there, I saw the back-drop inside there so I had to take a photo of it with my product :LOL:

This new build is gonna be sick. I'll drop my picture after it's completed in pictures section :)



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During the pandemic where every company was slow AF. I did end up buying from Thunder Guns and it did take forever to get my order delivered to me. After I saw a little banner on their site saying that their shipping times are now 3 days. I gave them another shot, got a quad rail I needed from them. They actually ended up delivering it in exactly 3 days. Miracle? Maybe but with this type a speed. I will not be disappointed ordering from them in future again.

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