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Polymer 80 Vs. JMT


I bought one each of Polymer 80's and JMT's products. At the time JMT was a cheaper lower, but sold the Jig seperatly. *Now they appear to include it in the package. *Either way both of them were right at $100 to get a lower and Jig. *Polymer 80 sent me some drill bits and an end mill which was nice.
There are always folks asking why you would build an 80% rather then just buy a lower. I respectfully, and without sarcasm, say that If you have to ask, you wouldn't understand. For some folks the hobby is shooting guns. For some it's building them. If you think you'd like to get a little more involved with building AR's, these products let you do so without heavy milling equipment and having to anodize the lower when you're done. That you get nice, functional, reliable firearms out of the process is a bonus.