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People Identify More with Their Tax Bracket Than Their Skin Color


“People identify more with their tax bracket than their skin color.”

• On Racism, Class Warfare •

I took a trip recently to Charleston, South Carolina. There I went on a tour at night through the old city jail, a place where there was an estimated 10,000+ people killed during its active time.

During the tour, the guide made a statement regarding the upper hand white males had during the time. I then asked what was the primary demographic makeup of the jail. He seemed perplexed, then responded that it was primarily white males.

In other words, white men were simultaneously those in absolute control while also living in the opposite extreme. This is the problem with modern day socio politics.

The issues Americans of all colors face is more of an issue of class warfare, than race warfare. Individuals attempt to shoulder the burdens and struggles people before them may have faced.

In 1675, white and black Virginia settlers moved on Jamestown together in what was called Bacon’s Rebellion against a class of rulers. Those class of rulers enacted the Virginia Slave Codes of 1705 to divide the two races and prevent subsequent united uprisings.

We are seeing this same style rhetoric now as an attempt to divide the populous. We often see white and non-white Upper class individuals prop up harmful narratives, creating a divide between middle-class, lower-class Americans.

Wealth being held by a few whites does not correlate to the majority whites being wealthy. There has and still is a caste system of class. We have entered 2021 with upper-class, leading individuals who hold and control the wealth employing narratives which create strife between multiple races who hold the same level of power and in some cases, face similar levels of discrimination.

To this day rural whites face similar health care disadvantages of inner city minorities, while whites across the Appalachian also hold similar economic disadvantages of inner-city blacks.

Though this is not to dismiss any acts or policies of systematic racism, it’s to highlight that we must remain together, and work together, and not fight racism with racism.

Together, United ⚡️
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Class warfare is really what it is affecting us. After occupy a all street big corporations pushing for a race separation between we got too close to uniting against them.


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They can control the mob if they divide them up in the groups. The people lose it’s power if they are not together as a single force. What better way than to use the diversity, against people? I’ll beat this drum to death: we are not divided by race. We are divided by those who believe in freedom and equality for all, and those who don’t.


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If anyone reading this and doesn’t agree. They’re either uneducated or are part of the agenda. Well written my friend!