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Palmetto State Armory Reviews


Frankie J

do you need to review this company? its like asking how well built are Porsches? they are a company most are measured against.


New member
Great BCG and nitride coating, nothing crazy special, it runs well and can even handle the shittiest ammo (that’s right, steel cases ones). I ran about 1000 rounds through, still looks great and Nitride coating is holding up well.


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New member
PSA is a good brand. I bought couple of things from here. Shipping time is little longer than standard. And their customer service is pretty good too.

CJ Faulkner

New member
PSA has been going down hill with their product quality. I am not sure what problems they got going on in there but I've been buying from here for past two years and I never had any complaints but now. The products are lacking quality, I received some parts that were damaged and shipping time has been way longer than it should.

Josh Smith

New member
Palmetto State Armory is legit, I've been buying from here for while and now it feels like this company is slipping out of hand a bit.


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I am not sure about experiences others are having with PSA but I had good experience with PSA. My order was delivered in decent time. I got a BCG from my AR build. I put couple hundred rounds through. I haven't had any problems everything is in a solid shape.

Definitely recommending to buy from them.


New member
Horrible customer service. They can't even get my order right. Everyone says this company is the best but they are far away from the best. As a customer I felt like I wasn't taken care of the way they portray their image online.