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Ormond Arms Reviews



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During the COVID pandemic I’ve ordered parts from 3 different companies. This took place during March, April and early May. I got my first order during July and other two orders in August. I mean I get it ‘virus’ and all that but someone these companies out there are ridiculous with their shipping time and not only that I got wrong parts in the mail.

Anyways, I started to connect with some community members on Facebook suggesting that I order from Ormond Arms. I wasn’t too sure to move forward with this company because I’ve never heard of them. I decided to do some research online and even called the company to have a quick chat.

I was very happy with the costumer service and their online reputation looked okay. During the call one of the staff members talked about 2 day shipping and I wanted to give them a try. But at first I really didn’t want to place a huge order because of the previous companies.

So I ordered just a JIG kit. Two days later that jig showed up.

Here’s the picture:


One week later I decided to order following parts:

  • Company hat (I love collecting different brands merchandise, plus it’s a good way to support new guys on the block).
  • Skeleton 80% Lower Receiver - Black
  • 80% Lower Receiver Regular- Black
  • 2 Black Upper Receivers
  • 2 Bolt Carrier Group Assembly’s
After the order was placed my package arrived in two days again.

Here’s what I got in detail:

The box itself wasn’t so special just basic and wasn’t too excited about the product presentation.

This picture I took all the parts out and make sure I had everything I ordered which seemed right.

Here you can see I unwrapped the products one by one. They look and feel quality.

This is the up-close picture of the skeleton 80% Lower Receiver. So you can get a better look at the product.

This is the regular black Lower Receiver.

These are the two Upper Receivers.

This is the bolt carrier group assembly.

So I only dealt with Ormond Arms twice so far. I do have some future plans as to what I would like to buy from their website. It’s been a good experience for me so far.

If I buy anything else from them, I will make sure to post my review here again.
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I actually came across OA while back and wanted to order some lowers from them but there wasn’t enough reviews and stuff out there so I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the in-depth review @Lynch i am going to consider. If I order anything, I’ll keep you guys posted as well.


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I have ordered .300 Blackout complete Upper from Ormond Arms before. The product was good and communication was on point. Unfortunately I do not have the photos of the product to show you guys since this was about 7 months ago. But I recently purchased AR15 pistol kit from them and it came in pretty quick, no mistake in order.



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In January 2020 I placed an order to buy AR15 rifle kit from Ormond Arms. The website had a different design I believe. Also there was a lot of kits for sale.

After placing the order. I waited about a week and received a email from one of Ormond Arms representatives apologizing to me that order couldn’t be filled. They were nice about it and fully refunded my money.

I just didn’t like the fact that they made me wait 1 week to tell me this. Then I tried ordering some parts from other companies and I ended up waiting 6 weeks before I even got to see my products.

I recently saw Ormond Arms tweet trended and decided to check them out again. From what I see, they created a new website with cleaner design, easier to operate and fewer products then their old website.

I don’t see too many kits but they have definitely improved on the way they do business. I recently also had a chance to chat with the company staff and they have told me that they don’t sell what they don’t have. They prioritize customer first.

I didn’t order much from them but I did order a Keymod. Shipping was fast, and email response was fast as well.



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I just came across this thread and figured i’d offer some of my own personal experience buying from Ormond Arms.

First and Foremost, my shopping experience on OA’s website has been easy. Product value is clear and navigation is not difficult. Unlike some other companies. I’ve bought from some sites I’m still questioning my decisions.

Now customer service is very transparent. I ordered two .308 lowers. Once my products arrived one of the lowers had a problem. I emailed the customer support and received a reply with solution in 30 minutes.

I shipped the product back to them and they shipped new one right back. They apologized for inconvenience and gave me a 20% discount code for my next purchase. I haven’t yet made my second purchase but I will keep everyone updated on my future experience.


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I don’t know what other customers are experiencing but I had a great experience with Ormond Arms and their prices. Customer service was very responsive both on email and phone. I ordered Brunt Bronze pistol kit on 09/23/2020 and it was at my front door on 09/26/2020. I put everything together and took this baby out for some range time. It’s fully functional and absolutely had no problems. This was my first time ordering from this company and I’m definitely considering my next shopping experience here again. Thank you for great customer care and good experience.


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I am a huge supporter of new companies. Instead of buying from big guys out there. I try to support smaller guys as much as I can.

I believe Ormond Arms came on radar in 2019. I have purchased from OA for quite some time now. I have never really ran into any problems or issues with the products I purchased.

Most recently I placed an order for Polymer 80. I haven’t been able to get a hold of this product from other companies but I guess OA now offers it on their website.


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I gotta red and blue Ormond Arms charging handles. They just came in today, they look and feel great.

Didn’t had to deal with customer service. Just placed an order online and it arrived in 2 or 3 days I think.



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I also have dealt with Ormond Arms. I bought 80% and complete’s. The products are very good. I can’t speak for everyone but I had a flawless experience dealing with OA.

You can see the photos of my recent purchase below.

Titanium Blue, AR15 Pistol Kit but unfortunately I only have these photos to show.

Here are the up-close photos of both of the products so you can get a better look at the products.

And here is the beautiful piece of that titanium blue Lower.


In the near future my goal is to buy their new .300 Blackout Pistol Kit 7"5 Phosphate Barrel, 7" Keymod Rail Blk, 80% Lower Receiver - Orange. I think that one looks sick, hopefully see some reviews out there. That’ll be nice.

My overall rating for OA is 5 stars. If you guys got any questions for me. Drop me a PM, I’ll be more then happy to connect and chat.

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I ordered .223 Wylde, 7.5" Stainless Steel Barrel on 09/30/2020 and received my order on 10/02/2020. Package was just like regular nothing fancy, product was wrapped in a bubble wrap and I got a sticker of the company. Which is pretty cool. I took out my new build to the range for some tests and I mean when I test. I go hard. They have a good product. I’m definitely going to be watching what else they offer and maybe even pick up things that I need or interest me. So far I had a good experience.


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I am in the process of working on a new build. I ordered a complete upper from this company. Pricing was not bad at all. The quality check is on point and shipping time was fast.

Check it out...


Also one thing I’m seeing on Ormomd Arms website is that there is not too many products they offer but I’d like to see what else they bring on the site in future.


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I’ve ordered couple of things from Ormond Arms and don’t get me wrong. They do sell quality products, they do have good communication with customers and they don’t mess around with shipping. Products arrive very fast compared to some of the other companies I’ve dealt with in past. Only thing that I am not a big fan For is when they take down products from the website.

For example user @GUNNUT in this thread talked about how he ordered the blood orange rifle kit from OA. Now if you go on the website only blood orange you’ll see is the pistol kit.

I ordered two blood orange lowers. I can show you the picture below.

I got couple of my buddies who also want this. If you go on OA’s website. Blood orange lowers are gone. I don’t know if they are selling out because I’ve noticed products go out of stock often or completely get removed from the website. I guess that’s the only complaint I have.