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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

New Patriot Tools


2020. The year I started carrying a gun & reading the Bible.

I also cancelled my TV, stopped reading the fake news and deleted my profiles from communist big tech social media platforms.

Here are the new tools I'd like to share with you patriots.

Parler = New Twitter
Gab or MeWe = New Facebook
Rumble = New YouTube
DuckDuckGo = New Google Search
Brave Browser = Secure Chrome
Telegram or Signal = Secure Messaging
NewsMax or OAN = New Fox News
Clapper = New TikTok

Enjoy, I am also gonna give this platforms some credit for not silencing us :D


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I just took a screenshot of your thread. Thanks for sharing this information. We need it now more then ever.


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Minds is more like FB... I use Gab, it's dope but way more like Twitter. Bitchute also known as YT alt. Telegram isn't necessarily secure, you have to explicitly set your conversations to private (like other messengers). Otherwise yes, I agree.


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I never watch the news on TV. Haven't for years. Every TV "news" channel is bad. Yes, even Fox. Local news actually makes my body ill. I can't even listen for 2 minutes. Sometimes I would put on CNN just to laugh.

For the past year, I would catch Hannity & Tucker from time to time, but they are not necessarily news in my eyes. They are comedy & commentary on current events.

I get my news from LIVE press conferences, financial reports, and from undeniable reports by way of certain people/sources on the internet. Then I draw my own conclusions using my own common sense and logic.

"When the masses are told bad information, they make bad decisions. This is why most people are not happy and/or wealthy".

I learned this lesson from working with multi-millionaires from all over the world.

The next few months are going to be #beautiful. Watch what happens.

However, they will try like hell to feed you with bad info to get you to make bad decisions. Don't fall for it.


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@Marcus It's the battle of lawyers & judges now.

The news will only feed you low level, bad info. That's their job. They are there to hurt. Not help.

Legit they are the online MAFIA.

All you have to do to protect your subconscious mind from getting fucked by bullshit is to have some patients while good guys fight the battle. Meanwhile I reccomend everyone to shut down all channels.