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Memento Mori Medallion Coin


"You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.” - Marcus Aurelius

Memento Mori (latin for "remember you must die") is the ancient practice of meditating on your mortality. It is a tool that has been used by history's most powerful and successful figures to create real perspective and urgency.

Meditating on your mortality is only depressing if you miss the point. It is in fact a tool to create priority and meaning. To treat our time as a gift and not waste it on the trivial and vain. Death doesn’t make life pointless but rather purposeful.

And fortunately, we don’t have to nearly die to tap into this. A simple reminder can bring us closer to living the life we want.

That is why we created the popular memento mori medallion.

The front of the coin is inspired by the French painter Philippe de Champaign famous painting "Still Life with a Skull," which showed the three essentials of existence - the tulip (life), the skull (death), and the hourglass (time).

The back shows Roman emperor's words "You could leave life right now."

The coin acts as a reminder to not obsess over trivialities, or trying to become famous, make more money than we could ever spend, or make plans far off in the future. All these are negated by death. It’s time we stop pretending otherwise.