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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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There's always another eye to be looked at things from. we cannot just look through the eyes of the ones causing on the issues, look at it through both eyes. BLM? It should be ALM! ALL LIVES MATTER! That is a much more humble and REAL acronym that involves everyone!


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We as a society have allowed ourselves to be pulled into social and racial issues by the technology we love so much. If everyone wore a green mask the antics of TV news and social media would eventually stop. They could no longer differentiate B/W issues. I do not care what your color is. White Black, Orange, Grey. Blue, Red, Yellow or Purple. I care how you treat me, my family and friends. Rude gets rude, nice gets nice. We've ALL been stupid at least once. Let's not make it a habit.


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1. Most people haven't heard this story.
2. Black lives matter focuses specifically on police brutality.
3. There hasn't been any protesting from the blue lives matter crowd.


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Democrats don't give a rats ass about policemen, so does those idiotic BLM, NBA!!!
They are all disgrace to this country!


The Mayor has sympathized with protesters, called for cops to refrain from arrests and also pledged to defund the police, but the woke left is still trying to murder him. All he does is apologize and sit cowering.

The demonization of law and order and the elevation of anarchy is not protest, it is Terrorism. I do not feel bad for him, I am saddened by the presence this sets. Because he is a weak man and a even weaker leader, he has emboldened anarchy and mob rule. I will not cower before the Marxist politically correct mob.



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Did you guys see this?

The NBA is now a socialist experiment that will end like the Café in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Remember the café where the owners adopted a socialistic business model of no real bosses, high 'living wage' to all employees, strong union participation, sporadic hours of operation because the employees always voted to frequently close which contributed to the inevitable restaurant's demise. The NBA is headed down that path with ratings down 40%.

NBA owners are going to have to ask themselves do they want a league or do they want to be woke, because being woke is going to lead to “broke” As usual leftist don’t learn from history.


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Did you guys see this?

I don't care !! Getting rid of the NBA will leave more room on TV for real sports like motor racing and Australian Rules Football. NFL & MLB can go away too ! You don't see anyone "Take a Knee" at a motor race. A person wearing a helmet to protect and defend our country and the Constitution is far more worthy of my respect than someone wearing a helmet to protect a ball.

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When it gets so bad they're boycotting their own games...somebody ain't thinking things through 😎

Especially when you're already playing to cardboard cutouts 😂

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Queen James can afford to throw his temper tantrums as he should already be set for life. Not sure the rest of the league shares his ideology. Dead to me anyhow. Just feel bad for all of the lower paid staff and bars/restaurants that depended on them.


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Let the individuals breaks their contracts and suffer financially. Continue without them. If the league shuts down over this incident, they are done.


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I’m enjoying watching them destroy themselves! First alienate core or their fan base and then throw a tempter tantrum. Seems NFL & MLB are following suit too 😂