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Is the Winchester Wildcat 22 any good?


The Winchester Wildcat is one of the best .22 caliber rifles I have owned. From its easy handling alone it is easy to see what is so great about this rifle. It has an ergonomic design on a platform that shoots the .22 cartridge. This is quite possibly the best .22 plinker money can buy.

What is the Winchester Wildcat?

The Winchester Wildcat is a semi automatic, blowback operated .22 caliber rifle made by Winchester Repeating Arms with a mission to build “the most reliable semi auto .22LR available on the market with the addition of new and innovative features.”

It is a great rifle that utilizes the full potential of the .22 lr cartridge. It is compatible with some aftermarket parts, and has a scope mount on top of it. The Winchester has a one button takedown feature, and is easy to maintain because it can be cleaned from the breech. Takedown of this rifle is user-friendly and maintenance is as streamline as possible with its simple yet unique design.

What does the Winchester Wildcat come with?

The Winchester Wildcat does not come with much, only a ten round magazine. However, the magazine type is the same that is seen in the Ruger 10/22. It is as easy as getting a couple of twenty-five round magazines for a 10/22 to go along with the Winchester Wildcat for a day of fun plinking.

The Wildcat comes with a fully adjustable ghost-ring rear sight and a ramped post front sight. It also has a built-in Picatinny-type optics rail. With this rail, owners are able to attach both
scopes and red dot sights.

The Winchester Wildcat has two main components: The Upper Assembly and the Lower Assembly. The upper assembly covers the receiver and barrel, while the lower assembly comprises the stock.

While the stock is relatively simply made; a molded polymer stock with a picatinny rail added to it, there are a few design features that make it stand out. Firstly, the inside of the buttstock is hollow, reducing the Winchester Wildcat’s weight to just 4 pounds.The trigger for the Winchester Wildcat is also housed in the stock, and uses what looks to be a design of a striker fired bolt action centerfire rifle. The trigger itself is also polymer.

On the stock is a small picatinny rail. It is encased by a polymer cover, but simply takes removing it to make it useful. This picatinny rail seems to be good for bipods.

Some Cool Features of the Winchester Wildcat

The Winchester is a very well designed rifle. It is a rimfire rifle with a polymer trigger and a 4 pound pull, making it light, but heavy enough for kids to operate safely. It has a takedown button, but although disassembly is quite easy, it does take a little more finesse to get it all back together. Here are the Specs of the Winchester Wildcat.

  • Caliber: .22LR
  • Weight: 4 lb
  • Overall length: 36¼”
  • Barrel length: 18″
  • Length of pull: 13½”
  • Rate of twist: 1 in 16″
  • Drop at comb: 7/8″
  • Drop a heel: 7/8″
  • Magazine capacity: 10 rounds

How does the Winchester Wildcat Perform?

The Winchester Wildcat is a great shooter. It utilizes an 18 inch chromoly steel barrel with a 1 by 16” twist rate. The Winchester Wildcat works great with many different kinds of .22 caliber rounds. Here is a list of the tested types of ammunition that work well with the Winchester Wildcat.

  • SK Standard plus
  • SK Rifle Match
  • Winchester Super X RN
  • Browning PPR Fragmenting
  • CCI Stinger
  • American Eagle Copper Plated

These different types of .22 long rifle ammunition were used and rated officially as decent working. After testing the Wildcat with these different types of ammo, I was very pleased to see the results were not too drastic from each other. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how well it performed with CCI ammo, as that ammunition is usually prone to failure. The main thing to take from this is that the Winchester Wildcat will perform well with high and low grains of ammunition on top of taking different kinds of projectile shapes.

The Winchester Wildcat is an accurate rifle to boot. So when I added my scope to it, I didn’t see all too much variation in its performance at the same distances. Within 50 yards, there is nothing this gun can’t hit. It has a surprisingly “easy to use” feeling right when it's picked up and shouldered. It really does not take a lot of getting used to to be proficient with the Winchester Wildcat: A Testament to how well the rifle was designed. The Winchester Wildcat promises innovation in the face of monotony. It takes the best of its materials, ergonomically designs a platform that is easy to accessorize and maintain, while making the most out of a laundry list of different ammo brands and types.

One faulty thing about the Winchester Wildcat is that it does not have a warranty, or at least not a redeemable one like many other manufacturers do. However, after some quick research online, there is a chance that if your Winchester Wildcat is broken, they will repair or replace the items.

I highly recommend the Winchester Wildcat, for $250, it is one heck of a rifle for one heck of a price. It allows you to take advantage of a pre established magazine system, making it compatible with all aftermarket parts to the same specification. Even though it is a .22 rifle, it can be taken seriously with picatinny rails on either side for scopes or bipods. The Winchester Wildcat is a great rifle, it makes a great gift for any age, and brings the .22 lr to a new avenue of shooting eloquence.