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Is Alex Jones a Scam?


I didn’t know any better forum than this to post this at. This community is made out of someone the best, objective point of view thinkers who support the facts.

I’ve been watching Alex Jones quite a while now. Just wondering if he is real or his just a scam.

All he does is promotes the crap out of his store and forces people to buy survival products.

He did got removed of-off every major social media platforms so that’s a red flag. Also Google tried to invest heavy amount of money into trying to deindex his content. What are your thoughts?


I think I was introduced to conspiracy theories from this guy. I think his a great influencer, I believe he is little too ridiculous way he communicates some of the information such as freaking out or freaking the audience out.

Anyways, I heard from some conspiracy YouTube channels that his employeed by the government or something but I am not sure, no evidence or facts presented to support any of those claims. But I don’t think his a scammer, I do believe he does give some sort of informational value to those who are curious and care about our politics and in return he asks to buy products from his store.

I personally haven’t bought anything from his store so I can’t tell you if his products are good or worth the investment but I can tell you that some information he provides is a good and valuable information.


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You know regardless of how many times this man has been publicly crucified. Banned, terminated, threatened, deindexed from search engines. His name still somehow is alive and still making its way around different forum communities. It’s kinda impressive if you ask me. The reason I think his name is still around and is still popular is that amount of valuable information he provided public with over the years.


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Front man definitely is strange guy. I don’t think his a scam but I think he uses fear to promote his survival products. Which makes me wonder, is he here to help enlighten the world or is he here to scare people to the point where they have no other choice but to buy his products.


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I know Jones once talked about gun control and his a pro gun but what's he doing making his name on this community ??


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Jones is becoming his own Amazon creating and selling everyday products people buy in this country. I don't know his a scam but he might build a firearm store too lol


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What you mean by anxiety giving show? Do you mean that his show gives you anxiety every time you watch it?
Every time I watched his show on YouTube it always made me feel like the world was coming to an end. So yes. I didn't believed half of the shit that man was saying on his show but cats out of the beg. Light has been shined on darkness, all his predictions make sense and are factually solid but still gives me anxiety thinking about Alex Jones.


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I think his the only real source of the news right now. While all the media channels we trusted over the years lied to us. People laughed at this man for years and publicly scrutinized him over and over but now his the only legit source. I don't think he is a scammer, I think he is a real patriot.