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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

Imagine Upload Problem


Hi guys I am not sure if everyone is having this problem but I sure am. I was trying to share a picture of the couple of new build some I am working on. I opened a thread and when it was time to attach a photo to the thread, it took few seconds the load up. Once it completes the upload it says “file is too large” please take a look at the picture attached to this thread to see what notification I am getting. Also can you please tell us if there is a limit what size do our photos have to be for us to upload it here without any headaches? 22C8A490-1D28-49B9-9359-5919173D808D.jpeg

Underworld Player

New member
I am trying to upload some photos of the new parts I purchased. It’s telling me the photo is too large and it’s just a photo taking from my iPhone. Can you guys please remove the file size upload limitation so we can show off our parts and builds?

Toxic Shooter

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I had to resize a photo just to upload it on my thread. Can y’all do something about making the uploading images more smooth on this site?


Staff member
I will increase the photo uplod size so you guys can post higher quality images. Nothing too big tho ?