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I Bought 80% Lowers From Thunder Tactical



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I Bought 2 80% Lowers From Thunder Tactical, Here is my experience...

So. Thunder Tactical An
80% lower company that has been in the game for a while, which I had never bought from until the last minute. Why? Because the pandemic has caused pretty much everyone to scramble for products everywhere. The overwhelming demand has made it especially hard to come across a single website that isn’t completely out of stock or at a criminal price point. 2020 saw pretty much the highest buying rates in gun sales in history. More guns were sold in one quarter of the year than in the whole year of 2019. It is said that the toilet paper industry heavily affected this as many cities went to war for toilet paper. (That was a joke).

So onto my review and thoughts about my purchase with Thunder Guns. I want to start off by saying, I live in Florida, where there are a LOT of gun stores. So when I tell you that Thunder Tactical was the only company to have anything in stock for 80% lowers, you couldn’t even get the aluminum to make the lowers. I bought two AR-15 80% Lowers from Thunder Tactical a while ago. I had plans to make a build for myself and my son for his birthday. I had some extra parts laying around the house, so I didn’t really need anything other than lowers to get the job done.

The quality of the lowers I got, T6 7075 aluminum, forged to mil spec, was pretty good. They came in a nice clear bag, lightly oiled, and the color was phenomenally good. These lowers didn't come with the trigger guard installed, so I was lucky to have some spares. The lowers came with fire and safe already marked. They fit all my uppers so, no problems there. I had no issues with quality control on my order.

The shipping aspect was a bit rocky, but definitely nowhere near the experience that people had been getting in the past. A lot of reviews used to circulate about longer lead times when it came to Thunder Tactical’s orders, but I assume whatever issues they were having in that department, were resolved because I got my lowers in about a week and a half. Not a very big deal, ten days is not a bad time to receive a package in my opinion.

I actually ended up emailing them for a verification on my address, because it was being sent to a different address than my billing address. And the response was very quick for an operation that could have delayed my order even longer. Normally people don’t appreciate that kind of thing, but I do like it when a company makes a conscious effort to protect my identity and money.

My overall experience with Thunder Tactical, despite some of the reviews they may have gotten in the past, was a pleasant one. If there is any validity to the negative reviews they have, I am pretty sure that they listened to that feedback. If you are trying to get some AR-15 80% lowers, I recommend Thunder Tactical. What are your guys' experiences with Thunder Tactical? I would love to know.


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Those lowers are looking clean. You should post a photo of whatever build you are working on I think we would appreciate it :cool: