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I am about to work on a new build...


Alright boys and gals, I just got a multi caliber upper receiver and a 80% lower receiver from Anderson Manufacturing. I don’t want to do 5.56 or .223 I already have those. My dad suggested a .224 Valkyrie, what do you all think for my next build? Any suggestions would be well appreciated.



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I think.224 Valk is cool and all but I am curious to see what you will be doing to finish that lower since it looks very RAW


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I personally don't see too much going for the .224 valk since I like much bigger calibers. But yeah go ahead it could be fun. Send PICS


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.350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel, .300 Blackout, or 7.62x39? To name a few... these are the cartridges that I personally have the most interest in using for my next AR15 build.