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How Much The New Vortex Gen III Razor 1-0 Optic Weighs.


Word to the wise when it comes to the "how much does it weigh" question?

So, I was just speaking to some other member and were talking about how much the new Vortex Gen III Razor 1-0 optic weighs.

I watched a YouTube review last night and the guy said, "It weights 32 ounces" and then watched the same guy declare "This is much more than the Nightforce NX8 which only weights 17 ounces!"

So, the obvious conclusion people would reach is that the Nightforce is the far superior choice based on weight along. But....is that true? Not so fast.
I weighed the RAZOR on my digital scale and..it weights, in fact, 21.8 ounces.

So, what's going on?

You have to weigh everything and compare apples to apples; therefore, the guy spouting off the Nightforce weight was NOT including the weight of the mount with it, or a sunshade, or .... whatever.

So, when I weighed the RAZOR with the mount (Badger) and the sunshade that comes with it?
What does all that weigh? 29.52 ounces.

What would the Nightforce weigh with its sun shade and mount? My guess? 21.8 ounces.

So, yes, there is a difference in weight, but it is 8 ounces, not over a pound, as the YouTube video would have led you/us to believe.

Facts are important because....reasons.


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Thanks for taking the time to put this together and do the research. This is one of my biggest issues when purchasing parts/gear - there’s very few brick and mortar places to go in and inspect items. We rely so much on YouTube and forums like this and often times things get lost in translation or we aren’t comparing apples to apples. I wish there was a store that carried a wide variety of higher end components - rifle parts, optics, lights, etc - that would allow a buyer to educate himself first hand.


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Amd that doesn't even take into account the terrible eye relief and eye box of the NX8, or the extra 2x magnification you get with the Razor. I'd take a Razor over an NX8 all day long.


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The Leupold Mk6 1-6x weighs in at 17oz and a Badger Ordnance 34mm 1.70” mount is 6.3oz, total set up is 23.3oz for comparison.


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And...not much difference than the Vortex that gives you a 10 power optic.
Considering that’s just shy of a 20% increase in weight, it is a sizable difference actually. That said, you are getting sizable capability increase with that weight difference.
Edit: my math was wrong, it’s a 28% increase not 20%.