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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

How many robberies happen every day?


Does anyone know how many robberies actually happen daily? Seems like it's one of the most commonly used methods by criminals. I assume many. What you guys think? Any stats?


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But Criminals Don’t Stick to Schedules

A bad guy could target you or someone you love anytime, anywhere. And we’re not just talking about just robbers.

  • Murderers strike every half hour
  • A rapist attacks someone every 3.7 minutes
  • An aggravated assault takes place every 39 seconds

That’s why NOW is the time to educate and arm yourself my friends.


Since the COVID has hit the world just in USA the robberies have increased by 22% that is a huge increase but again I am also not sure that what media says nowadays is also accurate so you gonna have to dig deeper and find answers yourself if you really want to know the exacts.


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If everyone owned firearms we wouldn’t be having any robbery problems in this country.


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Where I live in near by neighborhoods that are filled with liberal cunts. Who hate guns, who tried everything in my town to rise against it have been getting robbed for years.

In my neighborhood where I live, every guy has a gun. Maybe few don’t but majority does. You know how many times we have been robbed? One time couple of years ago. You know what happened to the robber? One of my neighbor grandpa took out two of those robbers trying to enter his house. Other two robbers from the group ran for their lives. No one comes to out neighborhood to start doing funny business like robbing. We are deadly, we are educated and we will use deadly force once someone tries to break into our properties with lethal weapon. Thinking they are some kind of hood gangsters. Luckily for these robbers, I haven’t had the fun of someone breaking into my house but if it does happen, hope not. Robbers will be met with my beautiful collection of 732 firearms.