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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

Have you ever read this book?


It's a true story from 80 years ago about a young girl who hides behind a book case with her family because they are afraid to be seen together as they eat dinner.
Why are they afraid you may ask?

Because the law enforcement known as the Gestapo limited who was allowed to eat and live freely. If certain people were eating together, they would be thrown in a prison camp.

When I read this book in 7th grade, I couldn't understand how people could fall for such stupidity in voting for a guy who pushed for this kind of nonsense.

Then I looked up how it happened. The guy who started all of it created a thing called the brown shirts (look them up). They threatened businesses, people, and media ... Who later submitted to him. Then he told his followers that they are the victim because of someone else.

  • Then he took away peoples guns.
  • Then brainwashed them by using fear & scarcity.

Sound familiar?

So...are you supporting the Demonrat governors imposing jail if people have dinner together?

If so, then you would have loved Germany in 1940.
We all know how that story ended in 1945



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If you don’t know your history you’re doomed to repeat it! That’s why its not taught.


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Spitting some facts right there. This book I've read before. It deficiently has some eye opening points and facts in it. We have to stand up and not let the oppression of tyranny overtake us.