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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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Hi fellas,

I saw couple of community suggestions on this section of the forum. I've been browsing around here for a while now and was thinking about what kind of suggestion I can make that will improve this forum or help in any way. So I thought it would be a great idea if we could implement a firearm news today type of a section on this forum that we can all be subscribed to and have our notifications on. The forum staff can only allow the verified none biased media sources to post their news on that section. This way we will know that information is not manipulated or influenced by any third party agenda's. It might be little difficult to implement something like this but I think it will bring great benefit to all of us.

What are your thoughts? Maybe can we have a pole so that community can vote on this?

if not, it's just an idea. But I would love to hear what other members have to say about this as well as the staff members of this forum.


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Oh dude, that would be a great idea. Might be a difficult objective to fulfill but I think that be sweet. I definitely cast my vote to have some sort of news media coverage section on this forum.


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If we can get some credible magazines and news outlets to write a short summery of what's going on daily. This would be something out of this world.