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J Dan

New member
I don’t normally like to write a negative feedback but this time I gotta enlighten some of y’all. These guys are absolutely ridiculous with getting back to their customers. I’ve called twice and emailed the customer support team twice. No answer. They didn’t give me a tracking for my order. I wanted to just find out where my package was that’s all. Keep in mind, I didn’t contacted them until one week later when my order suppose to be delivered. Week passes by, keep in mind now its been two weeks. Nothing shows up. Finally customer service reaches out to me after the super long wait. Third week my product gets delivered. I feel like I’ve been wronged on so many different levels but it’s alright I am not shopping here anymore. I don’t want anyone thinking that I am being negative or whining but I really didn’t had a good customer experience. Everyone has their own thoughts and their own unique experiences and for me it wasn’t so good with Extreem Tactical.