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E2 Armory Reviews



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I have first heard of this company from AR15[.]COM about two years ago or so. People were discussing the QUALITY of their Bolt Carrier Groups. At first I didn't think of it as much because there is literally new company pippin out of nowhere online all the time claiming this and calming that. Although I did had my eyes aid on their Micro-Polished Titanium Nitride Bolt Carrier Group, which was shared by one of the users on the forum. Everything on the product was detailed in the description and it still is detailed. Unlike other companies that have very basic description. Anyhow, I called them up to make sure they were legit and things they were saying on their website regarding their products was legit too. The customer service people answered all my questions regarding the company and their products. E2 Armory is not a distributor or some re-seller ONLINE. They actually manufacture all of their products and work with some big name brands out there. After verifying that they were who they claim they were I felt comfortable ordering from their website. I actually ended up buying the BCG from them. The pricing is just ridiculously low on this website. That was one of the questions the customer service covered with me. I said why are the prices too good to be true? They replied saying, E2's mission is to provide highest quality at lowest prices on the market so that made sense. Once I placed the order in 3 days I received it. A+ for the shipping time. I've waited like 2 months during the pandemic before so 3 days was like a miracle lol... Anyhow, I wanted to test their BCG, took my new build with their BCG to my local range, ran through over 500 rounds that day. No jam, no problems, all good standing. Ended up coming back the next week with my buddies rank through another 500 rounds and all good standing again. I am going out on a range again. I will post you guys if I have any problems or what not but so far so good. I am very happy with the QUALITY, Responsive customer service, Super FAST Shipping and most importantly the pricing of the product. I am recommending this company and I think I just became a permanent customer to their shop. I would love to hear other people's experiences as well. Seems like I am the first one who shared my thought about this company :sneaky:

little z

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This company is legit. I just couldn’t believe the pricing on some of the most popular products out there. I would say they are by far the cheapest for the highest quality products on the market. I recently got to learn about this company and ended up buying few things on their website. From my experience, the customer service provides great care. The shipping is super fast and in the product box you get a cool E2 sticker. I am leaving them a good review and will return to shop here again.