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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

Can't decide......


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I am doing a Aero pistol build 300blk. I have upper and lower receivers, now i dont know what i should get next trigger/spring kit for lower, bcg and charging handle or handgaurd and barrel or brace and buffer kit. What would you guys do????????


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I like Aero precision. Get whatever you can afford first really. But don't cheap out on the bcg or barrel because those are essentially the more critical parts on the gun. Get something that is trusted by the community. That is what I would do. Charging handles are easy to find in many different variations and you should get an mlok or a keymod.


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Definitely don't cheap out on the bcg or the barrel. But why not just get a rifle kit or an already built rifle? Why risk sourcing parts from a million different places?


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Buy from Ormond Arms, cool guys and have very good service. The lead times are VERY QUICK. That is the main thing I liked about my experience with them