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Brownells Reviews


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My review will not be on one product but on a few products from Brownells that I think are exceptional. Brownells is my go to for all of my AR-15 cleaning supplies. I bought my armorers kit from them, my armorers wrench from them, and pretty much everything I have in my tool setup to continue my work in building my AR-15s.

They cater to all kinds of builders, whether you build 80 percent or you are trying to run a legit operation selling to other people. When it comes to adjusting the finish of your rifle, to roll pin starters, Brownells really does have it all. I personally love my AR-15 armorer's wrench from Brownells because of how much I have been able to get out of it with building, assembling, disassembling and refitting. I have had to get some roll pin starters a few times from them, but ever since I got their armorers kit, I don’t end up misplacing little things.

Brownells is a very solid company to buy from. They offer a lot and offer very consistent quality. I know a few ammo reloaders who use some of Brownells too, however, I don’t really get into that business much so I don’t have much to offer in terms of information. I just know that there are people who stand by what Brownells sells. And if you haven’t bought from them already and you are looking for a decent place to buy from, Brownells offer the best prices and the best quality by far.

Now far as their customer service goes, they are quick to address any customer related problems. They also have gunsmiths on call if you have any technical questions. Their shipping is exceptional and overall quality of the products is there.


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I’ve only ordered cleaning tools from Brownells. And product quality is good. I haven’t dealt with the customer service or purchased other products but so far I’ve had a good experience.