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Be Careful with Cerakote parts buying!


Be careful who you buy cerakote parts from. Especially if you are a budget builder, be careful. The parts you ma be buying could be out of spec due to botched cerakote jobs. They may not be coated underneath. You may have to do a good deal of work, especially if the coating is too thick around the magwell. This is usually the case when it comes to buying from budget build websites. If you can, you might get a better job done if you buy a lower, and get it coated afterwards. The extra money might be worth it in the end for what you are looking for.


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Most cerakote jobs I have seen have been pretty good. I haven't really ever dealt with a finish that didn't stay on, but I have dealt with very strong finishes. Sometimes, you can't stop the coating from either getting in the mag well and in the threaded parts of the upper/ lower. That being said, you should always be lubing your threads to maintain them over a long period of time since you may be disassembling your AR-15 many times throughout its lifespan. Just get a nice dollop of whatever kind of grease you use and you should be good after a while, since the paint should wear off without affecting the threads.