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ATF Trying to Pull Some Garbage


Hey Members,

I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some garbage that the ATF is trying to pull. For those that are unaware, the ATF has made a proposal for some rule changes and have requested feedback and comments from We the People. Some of those rule changes are here.

To drill down even further:

  • WE would be required to pay to have our 80% Lower Serialized by an FFL.
  • WE would be required to pay for a background check on a privately made firearm. (Home built 80% lower)
  • WE would be required to get a background check if we wanted a new Upper for our rifles.
  • WE would be given a “Deadline” by the ATF to serialize our privately made weapons.
  • These changes are much more serious than pistol braces or bump stocks as they would make millions of people criminals as soon as their deadline expires.
Some people believe these background checks are a necessary evil to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. The reality is criminals obtain weapons by stealing them from their legal owners.

When making rule changes like this the ATF opens a page for public comments. The comments must be respectful and absent of profanity in order to be considered. These comments are what kept pistol braces and M855 Ammunition from being banned so they are VERY important.

Please follow the comment instructions.

If you need an example you can cut and paste the following into your comment.

“Consider yourself on notice that the proposed rule changes constitute a direct infringement of my second amendment rights. You are charged with being public servants and not the arbiters of my rights through non-legislative rule changes.

These proposed rule changes will not affect public safety in any meaningful way. Firearms make their way into the hands of criminals through theft and other criminal activity. Adding serial numbers to millions of firearms WILL NOT MATTER as stolen firearms can only be traced back to the last 4473 completed which
will not lead to the suspect.

The reasoning behind these rule changes are an utter falsehood. These changes only serve to punish innocent tax-paying citizens.”