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I came across AR15 SITE about week ago and I saw some cool looking AR-15 Pistol Kits featured on the home page of their website. I saw few good reviews on the product and was like why the hell not. Let’s BUY it. I’ll say this they ship their packages very quickly. I think I got my order delivered in like 2 days. Anyhow, just opened it up. These are everything that’s included inside the kit. The paint job feels absolutely solid and high quality. Everything fits together nicely and they offer good customer support.



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I bought a Polymer 80 build kit from these guys when they were running a sale on them. I got it because I was hearing some good things about the aftermarket. I was able to make my order over the phone and it was delivered in 3 days. They are probably one of the most responsive companies out there right now with all that has been going on. The shipping is a bit expensive, but I am really happy with my purchase.

Roger Davies

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I bought a forged .308 80% lower from here. I had no problem at all dealing with these people. I had a good customer experience, they handled my order the next day and few days later I got it.
Take a look below!



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I love when people share photos of their purchases. Great way to keep our our little community informed...

Anyhow, I got a email newsletter from AR15 site offering new specials I think it was just for female customers but not sure. The colors of lowers, uppers and kits were pink, Tiffany blue and girly colors in general. I saw them selling pink parts as well. About few months ago I had already bought a pink rail from gun broker, I was planning on building a AR for my wife she loves pink so seeing upper and lower in pink. I thought would be a great addition to add to the parts I already had. So I bought it. It came in very fast. I didn’t had to speak with customer service or anything so I can’t tell you my experience with support people but the lower and upper are very good quality products.


Tim Bo

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I just completed an awesome build. Everything you see in my gallery are purchased through AR15 Site. I had the blue finish done at my local cerakote shop. I am very pleased with this build. It’s a .223 wylde stainless steel barrel on a milspec upper and lower. The stock is a very good after market stock which has a pretty good cheek rest on it that allows me to get a very good sight picture on my optic. I have been waiting for some time to go hunting with it, but right now it is pretty much relegated to shooting steel targets at 300 yards. I actually got this custom from AR15 Site when I called them. Cody was the guy I spoke to and he understood exactly what I was looking for. He even sent my order out the same day. He personally delivered it to the post office that day and it came 3 days later. I highly recommend these guys for anything DIY.



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Recently bought these .308 frames from a ar15site. The finish is a type of powder coat, but the texture is unlike anything I have felt on an AR. It feels very good in my opinion. At this point I haven’t done anything to them yet, although I plan on a phosphate barrel and some other accessories that are dark to bring out the color more. Will keep you posted! Another positive thing I encountered was the shipping. It was extremely quick, 3 days all it took.



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I recently ordered several 80% lowers and a couple of milling jigs from AR15 Site. I haven’t worked on them yet but I wanted to post a review because of the excellent customer service from this company. After my order was processed and a tracking number was issued, I noticed the tracking information continued to say the package had not been received by the USPS several days later. I called the AR15 Site’s sales department and the issue (which turned out to be an issue on the part of the USPS and not with this company) was resolved. AR15 Site ended up having to file a claim with the USPS and resending the package. Even though it was not their fault, AR15 Site even included a gift as a thank you for the mix up/having to wait on the USPS to deliver the package. I know this was a lot of trouble on AR15 Site’s part but I am truly grateful. I can assure you that I will be buying from this company in the future. It is a pleasure to work with a company which takes their business and products as seriously as AR15 Site.