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AR15 Discounts Review



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I don't write too many company reviews out there but this time I am going to definitely write one. First of all, I wasn't sure if this was a legit company because I didn't see any solid social media presence or some videos on Facebook or YouTube of others buying from this company. I also found the name: AR15 Discounts little strange too. Considering the fact that some smart companies who are branded different names just use similar names like this to get some traffic on their sites but I wasn't sure. I still proceeded forward with my decision and placed an order on this website.

I bought a NBS .223/5.56/300 BLK Complete Bolt Carrier Group – Nickel Boron and the lower parts kit, these were the components I needed to finish my new build I am working on. Once the order was placed, they shipped my order about week after the purchase was made. And for some reason it took almost another week to get to me. The products arrived and I see that they are good quality, I wouldn't say these guys are sketch but their processing is and shipping in general is not convenient at all.

Do I recommend them? Far as parts go yes. Far as processing and shipping goes. Unless you are willing to wait like two-three weeks for you to get your purchase, sure why not.