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AR 15 to 458 Socom


I recently saw some guys online talking about converting their AR 15s to 458 socoms. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m sure I’m just missing a few things. Can someone please help me understand this statement? Also how does round conversion work? I know this is the kind of thing you learn over years in the game, but maybe one of you can help me.


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Dude. this is an AR-15 forum and you don't know that conversions are possible? conversions can only work based on the platform of the AR-15 receivers. Sometimes its as simple as switching the barrel to the desired caliber, other times you will need a receiver set and kit that are made specifically for the kind of rounds you want to shoot.


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They most likely arent conveting anything, but buying the whole gun or whatever to build a completely new one.