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AR-15 Forum Rules


AR15-Forum.com is a comprehensive online platform, serving as an invaluable online resource to firearm enthusiasts the world over. For anyone with even a passing interest in ARs and other firearms, it pays to know as much as possible. And this is where the Internet comes when it wants to know.

The communications here are the views and responsibility of the people making them. Nothing is the property of AR15-Forum.com, whether opinions, advice, statements, or any other form of information. In addition, AR15-Forum.com does not endorse or certify the contents of the communications included in these forums, and there are no warranties of any kind made with regard to the truth or accuracy of this information, whether express or implied. Posted communications or information, whether defamatory, offensive or illegal, does not originate with AR15-Forum.com.

We reserve the right to remove forum postings at our own discretion. There is no duty on the part of AR15-Forum.com to follow through on this power, and failure to do so will not result in liability on our part. The members of our community posting to this forum agree, implicitly, to abide by any and all applicable laws, whether domestic or international. They accept all legal responsibility for their communications and any information disseminated therein.

Users who object to any specific posted content are encouraged to reach out to contact us as soon as possible with their reports. AR15-Forum.com can remove offensive or harmful messages at our discretion, and we will make efforts to do so, within reasonable bounds and if we agree the termination is necessary. This process has to be carried out by hand, so please bear with us until we are able to remove the content.

By participating in any discussion on this platform, the material you are posting becomes your responsibility. Ensure that your posts, whether texts, images, or other multimedia, do not violate the copyright or trademark of any third party, and that you are making posts with the direct or implied permission of the content’s owner. AR15-Forum.com takes no responsibility or liability for damages arising from the use of, any references to, or a reliance on information posted by its users.

By partaking in any discussions on AR15-Forum.com, you accept responsibility for material posted to AR15-Forum.com. It is your outright responsibility not to violate or infringe upon copyrights, patents, trademarks or proprietary rights. All content must be posted with the rights owner’s permission, and it is imperative that you uphold those rights at all times

AR15-Forum.com will not claim responsibility for any breaches in this responsibility, expressly disclaiming our liability for damages of any kind arising as a result of any information contained therein.

Participate in the Trading Post and you acknowledge that any and all local, state, federal laws pertaining to you and your content are being followed at all times.

AR15-Forum General Rules
  • Posts must be made in English
  • No trolling
  • No link shorteners with ads attached
  • No begging for favors
  • No cyber-bullying
  • No typing in ALL CAPS
  • Firearms will not be allowed for sale on this forum
  • No threats of bodily harm or death will be allowed on this forum
  • No links to illegal trade sites
  • No duplicate posting across multiple boards
  • No spamming via private messages
  • Bumps are limited to once every 24 hours
  • AR 15 Parts discussions belong to AR 15 Parts and its child boards
  • No on-forum giveaways
  • Trading illegal goods is forbidden
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed
  • Decisions about rule breaking, mean the staff has the right to follow how they interpret the rules. To report a post that violates these rules, use the “report post” feature and refrain from altercations with members
  • User avatars must not contain NSFL or NSFW content
  • Posting multiple consecutive posts excluding bumps and reserved posts is not allowed
  • Posting plagiarized content is not allowed
  • Do not claim or propose expertise on items you have no first hand experience with
  • If someone appears new or inexperienced, try to be helpful
  • Dealers should not make posts about products they are actively selling
  • Stay on topic
  • Use descriptive thread titles for new threads
  • Posting negative issues about the site or staff is forbidden
  • Users must keep their profiles complete and accurate, with a working email address
  • No profanity, racial slurs, and or anti American wording should be used
  • Senseless or unwarranted posts spamming the forums will not be tolerated
  • Do not promote personal websites, domains, companies, or services unless paying to
  • Be safe and be responsible with firearm-related information
  • Any questions as to whether something is acceptable should be directed to a moderator
  • The policy of AR15-Forum.com is to respect copyright protection for all persons and content. Use of copyrighted material is not allowed.
  • Privacy Policy: All personal information provided to us will remain with us, exclusively. AR15-Forum.com will not sell, rent, or share any information provided to us, except in response to law enforcement subpoena or warrant. Use of our site means you have consented to our privacy policy. We reserve the right to update this statement as needed without advance notice. Changes will be posted in this section and, if you have questions regarding this statement, please contact any admin member.
What To Avoid Posting:

1) Posts wherein you recommend violating any and all local, state or federal laws
2) Links to any content containing nudity or porn
3) Legitimate threats to other members or anybody in person
4) Negative or derogatory comments about members of other users’ families
5) Overtly racist posts, or posts which we deem to be too implicative of racism
6) Blaspheming of any significant variety

Note: These Guidelines are subject to change as we see fit.

The best rule of thumb when it comes to any online forum is to always treat others as you would like to be treated. AR15-Forum.com admins and moderators are fully endowed with the right to edit and remove any post or member at their own discretion and without notice. AR15-Forum.com authorities also reserve the right to suspend, ban, or simply warn any members at their own discretion.

There will absolutely be no discussion of any armed insurrection or rebellion allowed within the AR15-Forum.com community. Any discussion which goes too far against any government or federal entity, from any country, will be removed and may result in banning. Similarly, no discussion of willful disobedience is allowed with regard to legally enacted laws, whether or not the law seems unconstitutional to the poster in question.

The provisions outlined herein are put in place in order to protect AR15-Forum.com, from owners and admin to its members and the country, in general. Any violation against the provisions outlined above will result in swift action. Serious offenders may expect either temporary or permanent bans, making a stern warning a relatively mild punishment.

In the event of a user feeling unable to abide by the outlined rules, herein, a simple reminder: you are here voluntarily. In the event it is needed, this site may provide evidence of any illegal act or a threat to any appropriate agencies, as needed.

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