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AR 15 For Sale Under $1,000?


Alright, everyone: this might seem a little cheap but, can I buy an AR 15 under $1,000 or can I build AR 15 under $1,000. I just want to know because I know guns can get really expensive and, also, little by little, things can build up to easily over $3,000 according to people I’ve read, here and on other forums. I just need a little direction for creating a cheap, high-quality build.


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Dude you can get AR 15 built under $1,000 but AR parts are probably going to be some Chinese peace of shit and the worst part about it is that it might break down on you on the range. High quality is not cheap but it will do the job and it will last you long time!


There is a lot of companies you can snatch up some cheap deals. Have you heard of gun deals?

Toxic Shooter

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Pandemic times, I am not sure you will find AR15 under $1k right now. Everyone is jacking up their prices since the demand is so high and there is a supply shortage.