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Aero Precision Reviews


Frankie J

another company that most are measured against like palmetto arms. many parts from them including uppers, great products.


New member
I ordered a lower from Aero about 3 weeks ago. I called the other day and the rep said the FFL had been checked and completed and just waiting to ship out. I told him to cancel the order. I have no patience for companies that are in no hurry to deliver. Odin Works, Bear Creek, Midway USA, Red X, Rainier and a few other companies are doing everything they can in the COVID era to get products out the door in a timely manner. This means a lot to me as loyal customer. I personally didn't had a good experience purchasing from AERO. I am just speaking my honest heart here.


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Aero Precision has always been a good and reliable company to work with, recently though I am not sure what's going on with them. Their quality is falling off the cliff and reliability fading. I use to be a returning customer and bought from AP before any other website out there. I've completed many different builds using their builder kits. Past couple of times I ordered from there it has been a shit experience and I am very disappointed. First of all I was missing some parts, some parts had problems and parts from the kits some wouldn't even fit properly. I mean I never write any negative reviews because I rarely have negative experience but Aero Precision to go down this road really had me shook. I am not trying to be an A-hole and talk shit but this is what I've been experiencing. Whatever they got going on I hope they get their stuff together I'll order again then.

free speech

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Very good company. They’ve been around for while. During the pandemic their service has been little off but I think they will pick it up down the line. When it comes to the products they do sell good quality stuff.

Morgan j

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I've dealt with Aero Precision couple of times past few years. I always have gotten 5 star service. Great quality products they carry. The shipping times are pretty quick and their staff is just awesome.


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AERO is a great company. In-fact I think they have one of the TOP QUALITY products on the market. I've bought almost anything you can imagine from these guys. and to start this off, they not only have great products but wonderful customer service. When they send the product out after you place your order. Package gets delivered very quick, which is a plus. I didn't even notice too much of time-delay during the COVID pandemic when I was ordering from here. If you are skeptical about buying from AERO, I would say no need. They've been around long enough to have the reputation they have today. You can also check out some YouTube videos of people building their AR's using AERO's parts and feedback on review platforms which from what I see are nothing but 4 star plus. You ain't gonna get anyone with 5 stars that just doesn't exist lol No one is perfect but they can try to be.