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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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The 2nd Amendment protects our rights as Americans to own and operate a firearm for our own defense. But even with all the rights in the world, it’s still important to have access to professional support and a like minded community. Otherwise, you’re just a lover of firearms, working in a vacuum. That’s where AR-15 Forum comes in.

AR-15 Forum is one of the quickest-growing, most active online forum communities for AR-15 enthusiasts, anywhere online. This is the best place there is for the true firearm aficionado or even just someone interested in firearms. Explore topics that 10 x your AR build. Learn from professionals and other hobbyists as they build and share their progress. Then, share for yourself, connecting with other members and checking in with your own progress.

Everyone, from the most hardened veteran builders to someone with absolutely no background in firearms has a place here. It’s our job to bring you exceptional forum content, professional moderation, and a perfect forum experience from beginning to end. Join today to discuss firearms of every kind (but, probably most importantly, AR15s).

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Because of the climate around firearms in America, specifically, most online platforms have fallen into the habit of silencing firearm groups. This makes it harder to connect members of this amazing community, with ads being fully terminated and firearm content often blacklisted. More importantly, posts may often be massively filtered, as well, and the accounts posting them often end up terminated.

Many of the world’s biggest social platforms make a point of terminating advertising services in favor of an anti-gun agenda. By and large, this is a theme that runs through most of today’s biggest social networks, wherein groups and communities related to this topic are constantly at risk of termination. The result is large groups of users censoring themselves, even for content that is not explicitly violent in any way.

Our platform offers more functionality than you’ll find on one of the big-name social groups. We’re self-hosted, so nobody is going to shut us down for violating their terms of service. Moreover, we are dedicated to continually improving ourselves and our service portfolio. And the end goal with all of this hard work is protecting the freedoms we are all born with.

So, what is our focus? To teach firearm safety, promote firearms as part of a sport with a proud tradition, and to connect the thousands of firearm supporters in this country in a free and safe environment. Dedicated to the betterment of the community at large, our professional staff work hard to overcome the rising tide of this fight, year-after-year.

Got questions? Want to know more? Reach out to one of our team members with any questions and get ready for prompt, professional service. Alternatively, you can always apply to become a Team Member and join our forum as a contributing member. And be sure to stop by our advertising section for more on opportunities to market with us.

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