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80 Percent Arms Reviews


Frankie J

good stuff, competitive pricing and good reputation with a selection that will allow you many options for builds.

James Madison

New member
Definitely great company. Their staff is awesome people. I ordered Easy Jig Gen 3 from here. The shipping time was fast and I absolutely love the jig.


New member
I never bought from 80 percent arms before. I always see there name whether I google something 80% lower related or just seeing some YouTube guys cover videos on their kits and JIG. I decided that I was gonna buy all you need kit that included Easy Jig Gen 3 as well as AR15 style 80 lower and extended life tool kit with a router. I can't stress enough to tell you how easy it is to use their JIG not only that but super easy to assemble it and easy to install the lower. The directions are very simple and easy to follow. Only thing is that I wasn't really fan of the router, it is not the highest quality but it's sufficient enough and does a decently great job. The shipping is standard when you buy from these guys. They do have top-level customer service, I mean they answer all your questions technical or none technical. I think for a customer who trust the brand that's one of the most important things to look for. Is the company taking care of their customers. If not then you RUN but 80 percent arms is a good company that sells quality products and I would recommend them.