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5.6 Pound .308 Win - Roam Magnesium


So I watched the 2 YouTube videos from ShotShow on the Roam lightweight .308's (Military Arms Channel and AR15.com). Then nothing and nothing for over 6 months. Now YouTube hog hunting channel "Texas JAGD" has 2 videos using their 5.6 pound Ultralight and (shows the gun on a scale). I called Roam to learn what I could and it seems real to me. After the first JAGD video I spoke with a buddy who works daily with magnesium aerospace parts about the weight delta and he assured me magnesium is 1/3 lighter than aluminum and the engine gearboxes he deals with are plenty strong. Have any of you shot one of these lightweight Roam rifles before? If so any thoughts? Because lugging around my DPMS Gen 1 (Roam is DPMS compatible) is getting old. Thanks for any response.


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Well it definitely does look promising. I might have some reservations since it is magnesium and that means it is combustable so if that coating suffers, it could end up being a bad day for the guy shooting it. Although, I dont know much about the specs of this material


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I definitely think there is a clear indication of how light it is based on the nimbleness he has when he walks. It is almost like he is carrying no extra weight. He was able to get a perfect shot on the coyote too. Maybe there is some promise to the material on the platform, however it will be a while before the community really accepts it because of how expensive the Roams are.


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I havent been able to get one yet. So DAMN EXPENSIVE. I want to try it out. I think it is a pretty great advancement for the AR platform.


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Personally, it is not that cool and the AR- 10 is meant to be mounted for marksmanship and hunting. bipods do that well enough already.