Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. pinwheel

    Best AR 10 308 Kits

    Who offers the best AR 10 308 Kits? The AR platform is immensely modular. Because of this, the platform has been evolved in several ways to make it able to take bigger rifle cartridges; the .308 AR-10 rifle. Originally made by Armalite with its model AR-10, this evolution of the AR platform is...
  2. pinwheel

    What 80% Lower Jig is the best?

    Chances are, anyone building an 80% lower rifle or pistol is going to know what an 80% lower jig is, or at least have heard about it before. The 80 lower jig is often one of the most important pieces to the assembly process, as it helps with some of the critical parts of machining an 80% lower...
  3. pinwheel

    Is the Winchester Wildcat 22 any good?

    The Winchester Wildcat is one of the best .22 caliber rifles I have owned. From its easy handling alone it is easy to see what is so great about this rifle. It has an ergonomic design on a platform that shoots the .22 cartridge. This is quite possibly the best .22 plinker money can buy. What...