Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. Mudpuppy

    Looking to build a AR

    If you want a list of parts to buy I'd first start googling how to build an AR-15. It's a bit too complex to give out instructions on here. All detailed.
  2. Mudpuppy

    Why Did Polymer80 Get Raided?

    The jig has been sold separately. It is not part of the kit. The raid was about the customer list. Back door registration for future confiscation.
  3. Mudpuppy

    Why Twitter is Censoring Tweets?

    These big tech companies are just trying to rig our elections. That’s what’s happening.
  4. Mudpuppy

    DDMP pdw fully accessorized

    Not bad at all man. I brought both my mpx-k and this one at the range today to zero both my sights, and I barely felt the difference.
  5. Mudpuppy

    2nd Amendment Memes

  6. Mudpuppy

    Let's Talk About This...

    We can live without sports. Trust me. RIP PRO SOORTS!!!
  7. Mudpuppy

    Conservative Memes

  8. Mudpuppy

    2nd Amendment Memes

  9. Mudpuppy

    Conservative Memes