Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. Banditintcat

    New to AR-15's

    Depending on the mount you have for your optic, you will be able to cowitness, which means to have both sights aligned when shooting so that when the red dot fails you, you will not have to move in order to regain your sight picture. Most would recommend to have your A2 sights just under the red...
  2. Banditintcat

    Can't decide......

    Buy from Ormond Arms, cool guys and have very good service. The lead times are VERY QUICK. That is the main thing I liked about my experience with them
  3. Banditintcat

    How to purchase a ghost gun legally

    I think we should be a little bit friendlier to the members who are coming here to obtain the knowledge you are scolding them for searching for. Doing productive research is as easy as keeping your mouth shut when people are looking for information they need, ie not your opinion.
  4. Banditintcat

    Where do you guys buy your sights?

    Well currently, local gun stores are getting overwhelmed. However, even online consumerism is stifled because of the sheer amount of purchases being made. Its hard to find a decent lead time anywhere, but I would say searching online is your best bet to getting the optic you want.
  5. Banditintcat

    Which AR 15 Pistol Should I Buy?

    I think you should get one that is actually good. Buy from a trusted dealer. pistols are doomed to fail a lot sooner than rifles because the barrels arent actually meant to be that small on the platform. So if you get a more expensive one, you will be able to warranty the f*** out of it when it...
  6. Banditintcat

    How to purchase a ghost gun legally

    I always thought 80 percenters were pretty shady. And that is just simply because there is no way to funnel law abiding citizens in from the possible criminals that could be purchasing them, or smuggling them to other countries. Call me a bit paranoid, but I am completely ok with purchasing...
  7. Banditintcat

    They really think we would act as savage they do

    It is horrible what they think they can get away with. The protest was completely peaceful. They mentioned something about white supremacists leading the charge, however there were plenty of every kind of race there to represent OUR rights. Its funny that they bring race into everything but...
  8. Banditintcat

    AR 15 to AR 10

    It is not possible to convert an AR-15 chassis to an AR-10. They are essentially the same platform, but are built differently.