Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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  1. BigKnives

    Stop Listening to Fake News

    This is the truth.
  2. BigKnives

    How much does the stock trigger on Anderson lowers loosen up over time?

    I am following this thread. Very good question.
  3. BigKnives

    How Much The New Vortex Gen III Razor 1-0 Optic Weighs.

    Amd that doesn't even take into account the terrible eye relief and eye box of the NX8, or the extra 2x magnification you get with the Razor. I'd take a Razor over an NX8 all day long.
  4. BigKnives

    Let's Talk Lights For Your AR

    What are you using and why? Let me challenge on you this: Lumens are great, Candela is the key indicator of weapon light effectiveness on a long gun. Let's hear it in this thread, drop your comments.